Social media management in your ClickUp workspace!

Collaborate, publish, schedule & measure
all your social media posts directly from ClickUp


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Social media management scheduler in ClickUp workspace!

manage it all from one place


Get the most out of ClickUp

With PostFlow, you never have to leave ClickUp to manage and publish your social posts.

Save time instead of switching between other tools.

Keep everything in one place, for real.

Creating and scheduling social media content right in ClickUp!


Take your whole crew with you.

Schedule & Plan

Schedule your posts long ahead.

Real-time preview

See how your post will look like.


Keep track of how it's going.

See content,
your way.

It’s your call to dive into the details or get a high-level overview. You pick the view that suits you best! Build your social media content matrix in whiteboards!

Scheduling social content in ClickUp - Calendar view Scheduling social content in ClickUp - List view Scheduling social content in ClickUp - Whiteboard

Use a whiteboards to build a social media content matrix. You can then turn your ideas directly into posts.

Stay in the loop.

Metrics mean everything when it comes to determining results. PostFlow automatically brings your post metrics into your workspace.

Work with metrics in your dashboards or build your goals on top of them.

PostFlow social media posts metrics - scheduler
StoreToClickUp Save Twitter thread to ClickUp

Found an amazing thread and have no time to read it? We got you! Save it right into ClickUp for later!

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Is PostFlow
a right fit for you?

PostFlow is brilliant for professionals and teams, who use ClickUp to increase productivity and save time!


Start scheduling your content ahead and streamline your work process.

Small business

Save time when publishing your social content and track performance.

Marketing teams

Move fast, collaborate, and publish across multiple social channels!

Social media management
in your ClickUp workspace!

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