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Calendar view

The calendar view gives you a bird's eye view of your scheduled content. Therefore, it should not be missing on any level like Space, Folder, or List.

Use this view to fill in the blanks and easily reschedule content by dragging your posts and dropping them on any day.

For the calendar views, we recommend enabling tags and the location of the tasks.

  • calendar at each level
  • filter for scheduled content
  • enable tags display
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Calendar with scheduled social media posts
Filter for scheduled posts only

Filtered views

Stop wasting time trying to find a post. Don't allow a jungle of posts to divert your attention. Create a variety of views with filters to fit your needs.

Effortlessly filter or sort posts by social account, status, tags, publication date, or post engagement.

  • multiple views that suits your needs
  • scheduled only tasks
  • published last 7 days and last month
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Multiple ClickUp views
Filter for scheduled posts and tweets only
Filter for published posts only

Bulk scheduling

Tailor your social media posts to each platform and create different variations of posts. Optimize the content, hashtags, and mentions to increase post engagement on each social network.

You can easily duplicate any post and schedule it without having to upload the same attachments or the content again.

  • optimize content for each platform
  • easily duplicate post to multiple lists
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Bulk scheduling social media posts in ClickUp

Recurring posts

You can set the posts to be published repeatedly on your social page by setting flexible scheduling slots with a few clicks.

Note, you must activate the Create new task option.

  • recycle your posts
  • flexible scheduling
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Setting up recurring posts
Recurring posts - settings ClickUp PostFlow

Save your favorite hashtags

No more wasting time on writing out hashtags.

Create as many templates of your favorite hashtags as you like. Next time you can include them in your post with one click.

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Saving favorite hashtags to templates

How to create a template

To save hashtags, create a new task. Write your hashtags in the description field. Open the task settings, click Template Center, then Save as template.

In template settings customize included items to only description.

Post templates

Do you often create posts with similar content or use a similar post style? Create post templates and start saving time when scheduling content.

When creating a template customize included items to attachments, subtasks, and description.

Post templates

Make content creation
a team effort

You don’t need to share passwords with your team members anymore! Invite your team members into the PostFlow space.

Start collaborating and managing your social media as a team. Communicate within your team, leave feedback, comments or assign specific posts to colleagues.

  • collaborate on posts
  • leave feedback on drafts
  • assign posts to team members
  • get notified about any changes to content
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Social media scheduler team collaboration real-time

Smooth workflow

Create your custom statuses and flow that suits you best. You can also customize statuses for a specific account or social network.

Use statuses properly. They will help keep you organized when you have many posts spread over several accounts. Also, this will let you organize your content into a meaningful flow.

PostFlow automatically changes the post status to the last status stage after publishing.

PostFlow custom workflow statuses
PostFlow custom workflow in list view

Other tips

Other small tips that you may find useful

Emoji locked with key


Decide what level of involvement each team member can and can’t have.

You can also add your personal accounts and set them private, only for you.

Emoji label

Custom tags

For better organization, add your custom tags to posts.

Use them to filter posts and smoothly navigate across the jungle of posts.

Social media management
in your ClickUp workspace!

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