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Creating and scheduling social media content right in ClickUp!

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Easily schedule and publish posts on all major social media platforms directly from ClickUp.

To create a post, create a task, the post content belongs in the description field. Use the due date field to schedule.

Save your time by doing everything in one place!

PostFlow structure in ClickUp

All data in one space

All your social media presence in one space! PostFlow keeps all your social media data in its own space.

In this space, you can access all your connected social accounts, organized into folders by social network.

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Post preview

The preview will help you in removing any errors before publishing your posts. Watch the changes in real-time as you edit post content right in ClickUp.

You can also see the remaining number of characters or highlighted content beyond the limit.

  • write stronger hooks
  • see how post will appear
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Real-time preview of LinkedIn post in ClickUp

Schedule in advance
or publish now

Easily schedule content for all your social accounts in one place.

Schedule in advance

Pick a date and time and smoothly schedule your posts in advance. Schedule content for all your accounts for an entire week or month.

Publish now

Did something interesting happen that you want to share with your audience? Set the due date to a date in the past, the post will be published immediately.


Video GIF Images

Make your social media posts stand out. Customize your posts with images, videos, gifs, or more for each social media platform.

You can upload your media to the attachments section of the task view.


a) up to 4 images
b) 1 GIF
c) 1 video


a) up to 9 images
b) 1 video

Social media scheduling - media attachment


Twitter scheduling posts from ClickUp
Linkedin scheduling posts from ClickUp


In your LinkedIn posts, you can mention any company profile page. You may find the company vanity name in the URL on the company detail page on LinkedIn.

Boost engagement
with auto-retweet

Increase engagement of your tweets by automatically retweeting. Best part? PostFlow also un-retweet tweets later.

Automatic retweeting gives your content a second wind. Get your content in front of more eyes and reach your audience in other time zones.

You can configure the feature for each Twitter account.

Start using auto-retweet
Twitter auto-retweet boost engagement enable in ClickUp
Twitter auto-retweet boost engagement settings PostFlow

Twitter threads

With PostFlow you can also create and schedule Twitter threads.

Threads are one of the most efficient ways to provide value and grow your audience. Make Twitter threads to get around the character restriction and elaborate on a topic.

To create a thread, start writing your content into subtasks.

Start scheduling threads
Publish and schedule Twitter threads from ClickUp - PostFlow

Post metrics

PostFlow automatically brings post metrics into your workspace.
You can use these metrics in your dashboards or build your goals on top of them.

PostFlow social media posts metrics - scheduler

Use PostFlow as a pro

If you want to learn how to get the most out of PostFlow and ClickUp check out our tips and tricks page.

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